Measures for Safety Maintenance in Scaffolds

The construction sites of buildings are prone to accidents from scaffolds which have even resulted in death of many. The workers and managers who are engaged in the contraction works are the most common preys of the accidents which can be prevented by taking simple safety standards in the sites. The lack of safety measures and non awareness of the workers about how to use and take the safety standards are the major reasons for accidents from scaffolds. Here are some brief descriptions about the measures which can be taken by the workers and sire mangers to avoid the accidents. Studies show that around sixty five per cent of the workers have to work on the platforms in the construction sites so that the safety measures are highly important. It is also to be noted that the lace of training to the workers about how to use the arena is the miserable reason for the deaths and accidents.


The falls or electrocutions from the boards are highly prospective in nature so that the workers have to be vigilant about the positioning and structure of the same. Thus the possibility of falling can be foreseen by the workers itself which is a highly effective measure to prevent accidents. There are also chances for the falling of hard objects from the dais which is also fatal in nature. The core issue in most of the cases is the question whether the scaffolds are strong and safe to work on. Thus the inspection of scaffolds before the starting of construction work should be conducted by any professional or competent person.

Along with the inspection of the frames the inspector should also make sure that the workers are well equipped with the safety equipment and also trained properly for the using of the equipment and working on a scaffold. It is also important to be making sure that the standards prescribed by the concerned governmental authorities about the making of sets are followed by the developers. There are distinctive requirements for each type of scaffolding which need to be properly studied and researched by the developers so that the specific features are safely installed. In fact the load capacities of each type of scaffolding are different so that special requirements or any kind of additional backing should be given if needed. These measures have to be checked by a qualified person before initiating the construction works. The employees should also be trained about how to manage any kind of errors found in the setting which gives them ability to handle the worse situations. The erection, dismantling, alteration and moving of the scaffolds have to be done only under the supervision of the competent person.

The scaffolds are an area where numerous accidents and deaths of the working employees as well as the managers have taken place. Thus the safety of the scaffolds has to be ensured by the competent or qualified persons before the initiation of the construction works. The employees should be properly trained about the working of and in scaffolds.

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