Successfully Marketing Your Business With Great Smartphone Photos

Got a business with an online store or social media profile? You may be selling some great things, but without great images to back that up, it’ll be hard to convince your customers.

We live in a buzzing ‘scrolling culture’ where online content has mere seconds to catch consumers’ attention and make a great impression. A blurry or dark photo isn’t going to do this.


Smartphones have made it easier than ever for people of all ability levels to get some nice snaps. So it’s important to know how to make the most of their features to capture the best photos you can of your products to compete with others on the newsfeed and on this age of very competitive SEO techniques.

Here’s a list of smartphone photography basics you need to know to succeed…

1. Light
One of the first things you learn in any photography class is to identify different types of light, and to avoiding direct light like the midday sun. This washes features out and makes harsh shadows. Not pleasant on the eyes when showcasing your products.

Find a well-lit environment during the photographer’s ‘golden hour’ – right after sunrise or right before sunset. This lighting forms a soft, flattering glow on the subject, ideal for smartphone images.

Or work with the diffused light of a cloudy day, which again fosters a natural glow, meaning you can leave the professional reflectors at home, only taking the humble smartphone to get creative.

2. Directional lighting
Knowing the basics of light includes where to place it in relation to your product…

• Front-lighting – can come from the camera or behind the camera and casts shadows behind the product to highlight its shape, and add a little drama.

• Side-lighting – strikes the product from a 90 degree angle from the camera to illuminate one side and create a natural contrast.

• Back-lighting – you guessed it. The light is behind your product and is a great way to experiment with silhouettes.

3. Composition
This is simpler than you may think. Craft a great photo by imagining a visual line and how it directs your eyes. Do your eyes follow edges to the subject at the centre of the image? Are there trails that bring your attention from one side of the image to the other? These are called ‘leading lines’.

You may have also heard of ‘framing’, one of the oldest photography tricks in the book – using parts of the foreground to form an artsy frame around the subject.

4. Rule of thirds
Another staple of composition is this. To turn boring scenes into some quality aesthetic, divide the image into 9 equal parts, 3 horizontal and 3 vertical. Place the product on one of the intersecting points.

Or, divide the image’s layers into simple thirds. You may choose a feature to take up 2/3 of the image for a particular effect. Play around with the possibilities

5. Angles
The two angles that are most flattering for a wide-angle lens will also work for the smartphone in successful marketing. These are:

• Straight on – when the camera is placed directly in front of your product
• Bird’s eye – the classic overhead you find paying pilgrimage to foodie experiences

There are no hard and fast rules. As with any creative endeavor, we encourage you to experiment and find what unique angles work for you and your product.

And if you’re still in need of some skill-refinement, there are smartphone photography crash courses you can take in Sydney and other cities around Australia. Yes, there’s a growing market in teaching people how to use the numerous photography apps out there! Better photos will greatly improve the chances of your business getting noticed and getting ‘liked’ on social networks.

Three Common Services of a Conveyancer in Campbelltown

A conveyancer in Campbelltown is definitely a big help if you have the need to either sell or buy a property in the place. You need to realize the fact that you cannot simply do it yourself no matter how good you think you are on this matter. For whatever reasons, you will definitely need the help of a conveyancer in Campbelltown. This is truly the expert that you can seek refuge to expedite the purpose of buying or selling a property in this particular place of the country. So, if you want to do away with all the hassles of either buying or selling a property in Campbelltown, it will help a lot for you to hire the services of a conveyancer in this place. With their expertise, you will have the assurance of getting the best transactions according to what you want it to become without having to worry in making the process really work. Apart for buying and selling a conveyancer can do so much on your behalf on anything about investments or disbursing properties for investment purposes. To provide you a clear view of what these experts can do on your behalf, here are three common services that a conveyancer Campbelltown can offer:

buying a property

  1. Buy or sell properties – a conveyancer anywhere in Campbelltown is the right expert that you must seek refuge to when you are either buying or selling a property in this particular area. They can offer you the best deals both on buying or selling different types of properties in this place. With their extensive experience in this business these financial experts can do a lot to help you get the best deals on both buying and selling properties for your advantage. Being in this kind of business for a long time provides nearly all conveyancer all the pertinent connections for this purpose.
  2. Invest on properties – some of Campbelltown’s conveyancers have proven their worth on closing deals pertinent with investing on different types of properties in the area. So, if you wish to invest on real estate properties in Campbelltown you must seek help from the real expert on this matter. With the help of conveyancers you do not have to worry of being ditched because they surely have legitimate connections in the business.
  3. Refinance an existing house loan – of course, apart from buying and selling of properties in Campbelltown, you may also seek help from a conveyancer in the area when you have the need to address a problematic mortgage. Yes, conveyancer can definitely help you facilitate in refinancing an existing house loan which might already seem to become a burden on your part. You can surely address the problem accordingly with the help of the true expert on this matter. They are the ones who can help you facilitate in getting the best financial institution to address your problem on refinancing. It can readily be addressed in the most appropriate manner through refinancing with the help of a conveyancer in Campbelltown.

Top Three Questions for Family Lawyers in Sydney

Looking for the best family lawyers in Sydney is now pretty easy. However, trying to ensure getting one who will charge you fairly can be a bit of a challenge. But the discussion in this article will not be centered on that issue. Here we are going to discuss not how to find one of the best family lawyers in Sydney but try to know some of the top services they will offer to their clients. You might have so many questions on mind before hiring one of these lawyers you may need to seek help for trying to resolve legal issues involving family matters. Based on those questions you will get some ideas on the kind of service that you will get from these lawyers. You can ask as many questions as you possibly can to these lawyers. But here are top three often asked questions for these legal practitioners in Sydney:

family issues

  1. Which family legal issues they can resolve? – This is of the first question that possible clients are most likely to ask when seeking help from family advocates in Sydney. It is important to know which of the many family legal matters a family is somehow expert in addressing to so you will have the assurance of getting your own issues resolved. You have to know if the family lawyers anywhere in Sydney that you might seek help can truly address your problem otherwise you might end up regretting the decision of hiring that family lawyer who could not help you address a particular legal issue involving family matters.
  2. How long will it take them to resolve family issues? – This is another important question that must be answered when looking for the best family lawyers in your place. I bet you already know that any court proceedings can take a lot of time before any legal matters can finally be resolved. This is why it is important to know who long for a family lawyer to resolve any family legal problems that you wish to address. If the issue has to be addressed the soonest then you must look for family attorney in Sydney who can address the problem the soonest.
  3. How much they are going to charge for the services? – I am pretty sure you already have an idea of how costly it can be to resolve legal matters involving family issues. Thus, the first thing you need to ask before actually hiring the services of a lawyer specializing on family matters is how much it will cost you. You do not have to worry anyhow about the cost you are going to spend for this kind of services. There are many practicing family lawyers who are truly affordable. In fact there are also those who will even offer their services for free especially if you are going to seek help from government lawyers specializing on family issues. These are just top three of the many most-asked questions for family lawyers Sydney.

PR Agency Sydney Helping to Build Relationships

The best PR agencies Sydney often follow public relations as a communication wing which works to make an impact on the perception of people on a brand. Even though, both the PR firms Sydney and marketing firms have certain similarities like the skill sets of their employees. PR companies Sydney are more about making the brand to customers by using positive messages rather than the direct approach which causes a separation between the company and the buyer.

An effective PR agency Sydney uses a careful and methodical process which is too delicate. A PR organisation Sydney uses a collection of editorial content across various channels, which is used to promote the positive media attention with stake holders. They focus not only audiences but also with groups.

PR agency Sydney is an essential component to manage the relationships between the companies with their stakeholders and to create a public consciousness. Finding the right agency to support the industry is quite tough and it is done through constant trial and error process. The highly competitive nature of the market and the vast number of public relation agencies provides a dilemma to the companies wile choosing the right one.

An ideal PR agency Sydney is the one which could plan and execute major ideas to help your company to reach great heights. The impressive portfolio of such institutions makes it hard for them to choose an ideal solution. These ideas have helped a variety of companies in overcoming hard times in their business. The crisis faced by many companies is unique to a certain region and due to the product type. So each time the PR agency has to come with a new way for overcoming these hurdles to reach in the pioneering position. Many agencies try to understand the cause of the problem initially before they look for a solution. This becomes the most efficient way when the company puts more effort on achieving the long term goals than to overcome crises on a priority based method. Using an in-depth analysis will help them to create a proper plan of strategies to create a positive impact on the society and market and thereby increasing the bottom line of the industry.

The highly complex structure of the public relations has been improved based on the active feedback and reviews from the customers in last decade. Variety of newer tactics is also introduced to this methodology in the last decade. The introduction of ways to include creative and unique articles has caused a boom in the media story creative sector. The ability to deliver this news effectively to the consumers can be observed in the sales values. These teams require almost two weeks for creating a fool proof plan and to set into motion.

The PR agency Sydney has a rigid network of contacts in media and telecommunication sector, which helps them to convey the latest news in the market to the common people and they help in keeping this into providing a realistic and calculable results for the betterment of the company.

Measures for Safety Maintenance in Scaffolds

The construction sites of buildings are prone to accidents from scaffolds which have even resulted in death of many. The workers and managers who are engaged in the contraction works are the most common preys of the accidents which can be prevented by taking simple safety standards in the sites. The lack of safety measures and non awareness of the workers about how to use and take the safety standards are the major reasons for accidents from scaffolds. Here are some brief descriptions about the measures which can be taken by the workers and sire mangers to avoid the accidents. Studies show that around sixty five per cent of the workers have to work on the platforms in the construction sites so that the safety measures are highly important. It is also to be noted that the lace of training to the workers about how to use the arena is the miserable reason for the deaths and accidents.


The falls or electrocutions from the boards are highly prospective in nature so that the workers have to be vigilant about the positioning and structure of the same. Thus the possibility of falling can be foreseen by the workers itself which is a highly effective measure to prevent accidents. There are also chances for the falling of hard objects from the dais which is also fatal in nature. The core issue in most of the cases is the question whether the scaffolds are strong and safe to work on. Thus the inspection of scaffolds before the starting of construction work should be conducted by any professional or competent person.

Along with the inspection of the frames the inspector should also make sure that the workers are well equipped with the safety equipment and also trained properly for the using of the equipment and working on a scaffold. It is also important to be making sure that the standards prescribed by the concerned governmental authorities about the making of sets are followed by the developers. There are distinctive requirements for each type of scaffolding which need to be properly studied and researched by the developers so that the specific features are safely installed. In fact the load capacities of each type of scaffolding are different so that special requirements or any kind of additional backing should be given if needed. These measures have to be checked by a qualified person before initiating the construction works. The employees should also be trained about how to manage any kind of errors found in the setting which gives them ability to handle the worse situations. The erection, dismantling, alteration and moving of the scaffolds have to be done only under the supervision of the competent person.

The scaffolds are an area where numerous accidents and deaths of the working employees as well as the managers have taken place. Thus the safety of the scaffolds has to be ensured by the competent or qualified persons before the initiation of the construction works. The employees should be properly trained about the working of and in scaffolds.

Quick Tips on Choosing the Right Business to Venture

If you are considering the idea of having a business of your own it is important for you to make sure you have chosen the right business for the kind of personality you have. In this manner you at least have the assurance that the business you are going to venture your money into will become a success. But have you figured out how to decide which kind of business really is the right one and will surely work for you?  There are different ways for you to do that. However, the first thing that you need to determine is your desire to really venture into it otherwise you might end up regretting the move. Once you are hundred percent decided to venture into a particular business the next thing for you to do is to identify the kind of business you are going to engage into. Here are some quick tips that might help you deal with the challenge:

  • Choose according to your passion – it is important that you choose the kind of business that you are going to venture into according to you passion. In this manner it will be a lot easier for you to understand the business itself. If it is also your passion you will never get tired of dealing all the hassles and problems that might go along with it. Hence, you will readily be able to figure out how to deal with both minor and major problems that you might need to deal with.
  • Based it on your capital – for a first timer, it is essential that you have to take your capital into consideration. For your business to sustain the challenges of competition you need to have ample capital and some buffer funds just in case something not really good comes along.
  • Take note of the marketability – this can be known through feasibility studies.